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The Hotchkiss Legacy through the Red Bear Family

Red Bear is a family of fathers, mothers, veterans, sportsmen, hunters, and their families. We're honored to carry on the Hotchkiss family legacy through our relationships with you --
the Red Bear family.

Our Services

We specialize in local and internet firearms sales + transfers.

  • In-Stock & Special Orders
  • 10% Commission Consignments
  • Limited Gunsmithing
  • Purchases & Trades
  • Firearm Transfers
  • Class III Firearm Transfers
  • Notary Public
  • Fingerprinting & Photos

Class III Sales

We sell + transfer Silencers, Machine Guns, SBRs, and AOWs.

The new ATF 41P Guidelines require EVERY Form 1 or Form 4 submission to have passport photos and fingerprints; whether you are filing individually or with an NFA trust.

We offer Notary Public, Fingerprint, and Photo Services for NFA purchases/transfers.