Frequently Asked Questions

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Making a firearm purchase from an online retailer is much like any other online purchase, except for one additional step. If the firearm is purchased from a company out of state, the ATF dictates that it must be shipped to a FFL dealer in your state and that dealer must run a background check before handing over the firearm to you. The industry term for this is a "TRANSFER". 

The online retailer will need to know where to send the firearm, so that is accomplished by your dealer sending that company a copy of their FFL license for the retailers' records. The shipping companies also want copies of the FFL licenses in the package. That information is typically emailed to the online retailer, so just send us your confirmation email from the purchase or even a text with the retailers' contact info and we'll do the rest.

Online ammunition purchases of any caliber are legal in Colorado, and it can be shipped directly to your home or office. If you are purchasing from our website from a state other than Colorado, please check your local laws. In some cases we may need to cancel your order if we cannot legal ship it to your state.

Here in Colorado, the background checks are run through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation via an online portal. That portal is accessed by your dealer at the time of purchase / transfer. Colorado checks both state records AND federal records through the NICS system. The information used in the check is basically the information from your drivers license. Most checks take only 5-10 minutes and 99.9% come back approved.

YES. In the state of Colorado, a personal sale to someone other than a family member requires a background check through your local dealer. These transfers are called Private Party Transfers. 

YES. . . and NO.  You can also personally ship rifles or shotguns via the USPS, UPS, and FedEx to a dealer in another state. As a non-FFL, you can only ship handguns FedEx or UPS, and they want you to send it Overnight. Your dealer can ship anything for you for a small fee and many times can save you time and money in the process.

Your local Sheriff's office has the honor of bestowing that on you through an application process. Link to the El Paso County Sheriff CCW website:

If you are a Colorado resident, typically just your drivers license. If your license does not show your current address on it, please bring a state-issued document showing your current address.

For out of state residents in contiguous states (Wyoming, Kansas, etc), your drivers license also works.

For active duty military with out-of-state licenses, please bring your drivers license, Military ID, and PCS orders to CO.

Safe gun storage, especially when there are kids present in the home, should be mandatory. In Colorado, an actual safe is not required, but a good lock or system to secure it from others is a hallmark or a responsible gun owner. Most guns used in crimes in the US are obtained through home or vehicle thefts. Don't supply the bad guys - lock em' up!

The Form 4473 background check from the ATF is a Federal form, not a Colorado form. Federal law still considers marijuana illegal, and so the law surrounding firearm purchase or transfer still prohibits the use of that controlled substance to be a disqualifying line item. 

NOTE: The Colorado CBI increased their background check fees  from $6 to $15 on February 1, 2018. Our fees have increased accordingly.


Standard firearms from out-of-state seller: $40 

In-State Private Party Transfer: $40 

NFA firearms from out-of-state seller: $70 


All Red Bear purchases include a free background check . . .even NFA items!

Short Answer: YES !! 

Long Answer: YES !!  We will purchase most firearms directly from individuals or estates. Simply call us with the firearm information and we   can give you a "ball park" offer over the phone if we are able. However, the easiest way is to make an appointment to drop by with your items for sale, and we'll make a cash offer for those items. We strive to make fair, equitable offers that typically beat anyone else's offer in Colorado Springs.


We also accept Trade-In's if you are looking to purchase something new. Looking to switch calibers, trade a "tacticool" rifle into a "practical" rifle, or maybe that "concealed carry" pistol is just too large to actually conceal. A trade-in may be what you're looking for!




Red Bear Gun Brokers charges the lowest consignment rate in Colorado Springs - only 10% + any auction listing fees (if sold online) !!


Each consignment transaction is slightly different, so please let us know the parameters you are looking for:

  • Quick sale or no real time limit. 
  • Highest sale price or "just get rid of these" pricing.
  • Auction sales or fixed local sale pricing.


Simply make an appointment with us to drop by with your items (firearms, ammo, or accessories) and we'll get them sold for you !