A Shout Out For Silence

What is a silencer or a suppressor?

If you are new to the suppression for things that go boom discussion you might be a little confused at the misconceptions and mislabels that surround suppression. Not to fret. Here are a few basic definitions to start you on your way to sounding, and actually knowing what you are talking about, like an old hand at this.


Smith & Wesson 296

Big, stinky, miss-shaped, painful, failure.

Perhaps the only that is unfairly listed above is stinky. The Smith & Wesson Model 296, Airlite titanium .44 revolver doesn't actually offend the olfactory senses. However, I do stand-by the other adjectives. 

As an enthusiastic revolver collector, shooter, and carrier; I tend to like them all, especially the products of Smith & Wesson. However,, with all things there are exceptions. The S7W 296 represents such an exception.

Class 3 and Form 4--The Basics


Federal regulations and codes can sometimes be a little overwhelming for the new gun buyer. Throw in the jargon of an old and massive industry, and a person can get completely lost. 



Here are the basics of Title II (also called NFA items, Class 3, and Form 1 or Form 4) items and the regulations that govern them.